Kids should learn to code

Kids appreciate coding today because it gives them the freedom to express themselves. Learning coding is just not about kids becoming programmers. It is about children finding a new way to express themselves. Whether it is a program to help kids study math, a creative app, or a game they created, coding gives kids a latest set of skills they can use in every aspect of their lives. 

During this learning process kids think outside the box, as they learn to plan their projects and consider different solutions to the same problem.

Enroll in coding club and empower your kids to express themselves as they learn the skills of the digital world, we live in.


Learning to code is learning to create and innovate.

Coding with fun

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Kids start learning to code

This is an inspirational session for the kids who would like to start coding with basic block programming and getting inspired from the leaders and knowing their thought process about learn(fun) to code.


Kids improve coding

A perfect platform for the kids starting to code using basic programming technique. Coding at this level gives the right exposure for kids to think logically to solve a problem in a fun way and intuitive way.

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Advanced and serious coders

Kids with a passion to learn coding and challenging themselves with coding challenges in a programming language and solving problems. Serious coders will also go into a more complex part of programming like creating games , robots  to prepare themselves for the real life coding challenges. This course is ideal for kids who are 10 and above and also have passion towards coding and solving problems using programs. Kids learn different coding techniques in this course using Python which is the most in demand programming language today.

Custom course

Made for you!!!

We also offer a personalized and custom course for special students requiring special attention or advance coding challenges. Please contact us to work out a customize course for group of students.

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Hour of code

Inspiration to code

An hour of code to inspire kids for coding challenges by starting basic block programming and hearing from leaders about coding.

Helping you discover how to be a better learner.